​​​He is the human whom I would choose to marry over and over again, in the next life and any others. He balances me, grounds me, keeps me humble, and keeps me real. He is far from perfect, which is why we are so perfect together. Before we got married, I wrote a list of all the qualities I would want in husband and father, and he checked off each and every item.

He is talented, creative, intelligent, funny (though I don't always understand his humour), patient, a planner, honest, kind, generous, realistic, and humble. I couldn't imagine my life without him. Not because I couldn't live without him, but because I don't want to.

There is no 'good cop' and 'bad cop' between us when it comes to parenting, although the kids can get away with more when they're with daddy. However, we are consistent, firm, but we allow the children a lot of independence with responsibility.

We both grew up with different cultures, religions, and beliefs, but through a lot of communication, we have found a beautiful balance. I am incredibly lucky to have the Husband, and he knows he's lucky to have me as well.

The Husband​

The Mini Me's

Indonesian born, Australian raised, I have always been caught between two worlds. Finding myself has been an incredible journey, one that is far from complete. My family is my life: my husband and my two amazing children. Without them, life would be far less interesting, and definitely much less fabulous. 

From Jakarta, to Melbourne, a quick pit-stop in Singapore, back to Jakarta, then finally Bali, I've realised a few things about myself:
1. I don't like to travel. I enjoy my geographical comfort zones and then I prefer to hermit.
2. I have no idea whether I prefer suburban areas, countryside, or cities, or a mixture of all three.
3. I love children but don't have much tolerance for adults.

About Me


​​My two not-so-little monsters are my whole world. 10 and 5 (going on 25, both of them), these two  fill my days with so much laughter, love, cuddles, as well as frustration and sometimes confusion. Mr. 9 is too intelligent for his own good but every now and then, he displays absolutely zero common sense that it makes me scratch my head. He is everything I am not - patient, tolerant and forgiving. I must have done something right to create such an amazing little man. Miss. 4 is all me and my husband combined, times fifty. Determined, confident, loud, bold, brave and the coolest chick I know.

I look at my two offspring and wonder how? How are they so beautiful? How are they so smart? How did I manage to keep them alive considering I am the world's worst cook? So many questions, so much gratitude.